KS0108 based 128×64 pixel GLCD

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The following picture shows the assembled GLCD kit. The default microcontroller that comes with the development board is PIC16F886. The IDC cables connect the 8-bit data port of the GLCD to PORTC, and the GLCD control signals to PORTB. Table 1 shows the details of the mapped pins.A SMT potentiometer is provided on the backside of the GLCD adapter to adjust the contrast of the display. The GLCD adapter has got an on-board transistor switch for turning the GLCD back-light on and off. The IDC cable connect the switch to the RB3 pin, which must be set to 1 to turn the back-light on.I quickly tested the board with a “Hello World” program, which was written and compiled with mikroC Pro for PIC. I used the built-in GLCD library routines for the test program. An important thing to note here is that the mikroElektronika’s built-in GLCD library works with any KS0108 based 128×64 pixel GLCD that has active low CS1 and CS2 signals. However, the GLCD modulethat comes with the kit has CS1 and CS2 pins as active high signals. A simple solution to incorporate this difference in the mikroC code is to swap the CS1 and CS2 pins in the program, like this.

sbit GLCD_CS1 at RB5_bit;   // CS1 pin is actually connected to RB4
sbit GLCD_CS2 at RB4_bit;   // and CS2 to RB5

Download the source and HEX codes for the test program

Download the source and HEX codes for the DHT11 sensor



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This is a Led can connect to 220Vac to 240 Vac. This is solution for simple to application Led for Home. This Led is very simple to use and install. but you must be careful because it use high voltage. its your own risk. To improve protection against surge, two pairs of identical resistors connected in parallel are symmetrically added to the LED so that total equivalent resistance, the sum of R1 and R2, is equal to the selected value in p.7.

Datasheet pdf

High Power Led 11.8 Watt

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Z-Power series is designed for high current operation and high flux output applications.
Z-Power LED’s thermal management perform exceeds other power LED solutions.
It incorporates state of the art SMD design and Thermal emission material.
Z Power LED is ideal light sources for general illumination applications, custom designed solutions, automotive large LCD backlights

  • Super high Flux output and high Luminance
  • Designed for high current operation
  • Low thermal resistance
  • SMT solderbility
  • Lead Free product
  • RoHS compliant


  • Automotive interior exterior lighting
  • Automotive signal lighting
  • Automotive forward lighting
  • General Torch
  • Architectural lighting
  • Projector light source
  • Traffic signals
  • Task lighting
  • Decorative Pathway lighting
  • Remote Solar powered lighting
  • Household appliances

Source : www.elfa.se/elfa3~eu_en/elfa/init.do?item=75-605-64&toc=0