This is my first printed circuit board battery
desulfator. The unit is pretty small about 2.5″ x 2″ in size. I laid
out the circuit last week and the printed boards arrived today.

It took me a about two hours to assemble and test the first unit. Oddly
enough everything worked perfect. The pulsing sounds good (you can
hear it whistle), the components are not over heating, I am able to
pulse at 180mA while the other desulfators are only doing 60mA. At
this point I’m just going to confirm a few more short tests then start
selling these units. They will go for $50 each and I’ll post them up
for sale next week. You can write a comment to this post if you think
you want one. These units should do a good job of restoring neglected
lead acid and Ni-CD chemistries.

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