Dual force 2 Controller

Pin Pin
1 DATA Brown wire = Pin 1 on control board
2 CMD Orange wire = Pin 2 on control board
3 9VDC White wire = Pin 4 on control board
4 GND Purple + Black wire: Purple = Pin 8 on control board. Black = pin 3 on control board
5 VCC Red Wire = pin 5 on control board
6 ATT Yellow wire = pin 6 on control board
7 CLK Blue wire = pin 7 on control board
8 N/C Not connected (not used in PSX or PS2 controls and often not present in plug). Used for Light Gun games.
9 ACK Green Wire = pin 9 on control board

This applies to the Mad Catz. Dual force 2, programmable controller
for PSX, PSONE, and PS2. The control board pins are numbered, but if
unable to see due to the resin, pin one has a square PCB pad. If
looking at the control from underside, with the lower casing removed,
the pins can be counted sequentially from left to right. There should
be 9 in total. PLEASE NOTE: both purple and black wires are connected
to the same pin (pin 4) If the black wire is not connected, the vibrate
function will operate continuously.

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