Transmitter schematics (also see RF)

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1 valve CW transmitter
1.5 volt tracking transmitter
15 watt FM transmitter
150mW FM transmitter
175KHz inductive pulse transmitter (PDF)
1W CW Transmitter
2 Transistor FM Voice Transmitter
2 valve CW transmitter
250mW HF CW transmitter
27MHz AM/CW transmitter
30-Meter QRP Transmitter for Morse Code
4 watt FM transmitter
4 watt FM transmitter
433MHz transmitter using SAW resonator
5 Watt HF CW transmitter
5W PLL Transmitter
7Mhz AM/CW Amateur Radio Transmitter
7MHz QRP transmitter
A 3m (100 MHz) small bug
AM FM Simultaneous Transmitter Using Digital IC (CD4001)
AM oscillator for wireless microphones
AM transmitter
Basic FM Transmitter
Crystal controlled FM transmitter
Easy 2-meter transmitter
FM Beacon Transmitter (88-108 MHz)
FM bug
FM Telephone Transmitter
FM transmitter
FM transmitter bug
High power FM bug
Light sensing RF transmitter
Li`l 7 AM Transmitter Schematic
Low Power FM Transmitter
Medium range transmitter circuit
Micro Power AM Broadcast Transmitter
Micro Power FM Broadcasting Circuits
Micro-Spy with FETs
Micro-Spy with TTL
Micro-Spy with USW
Miniature FM transmitter
Miniature FM Transmitter #1
Miniature FM Transmitter #2
Miniature FM Transmitter #3
QRP HF transmitter
QRP SSB transmitter
RF/SS Handie Hopper Transmitter Schematic
Sensitive FM transmitter
Shortw1ave radio transmitter
Simple FM microphone
Simple FM transmitter
Simple Low FER Transmitter
Simple RF transmitter
Small Radio Transmitter
Small radio transmitter
Spark gap transmitter
Tiny FM transmitter using SMD (surface mount devices)
Tracking transmitter
Tracking transmitter
Transmitter using LM317
VHF FM transmitter
Wireless microphone
Wireless microphone
Wireless microphone
XTAL locked tone transmitter