Miscellaneous Audio

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3 Transistor Audio Amp (50 milliwatt)
3-Band equalizer
555 Tone Generator (8 Ohm Speaker)
6-Input mixer
Active Sub-Woofer and Controller
Analog VU meter
Audio graphic equaliser
Audio line isolator
Audio notch filer
Audio Signal Source
Automatic loudness control
Balanced Line Driver & Receiver
Base / treble control circuit using LM1036N
Bridging Adapter For Power Amplifiers
Code practice oscillator
Cuckoo sound generator
Digital Delay Unit For Surround Sound
Digital noise generator (PDF)
Digital volume control
Direct Injection Box for Recording & PA Systems
Doorphone intercom
Dual Voltage Controlled Filter w/Modulator
Dual Voltage Controlled Oscillator w/Modulator
Dynamic microphone to electret microphone input
Electronic attenuator
Electronic canary
Electronic siren
Electronic whistle
Fast Audio Peak Limiter
FET audio mixer
Improved PL tone decoder
Intercom preamp
Linkwitz Cosine Burst Generator
LM358 preamp
Loudspeaker Protection and Muting
Low Frequency Sinewave Generator
Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp
Low Noise Microphone Preamplifier
Low Power Op-Amp - Audio Amp (Intercom)
Magnetic cartridge amplifier
Microphone mixer
Microphone phantom power supply
Minimalist Discrete Hi-Fi Preamp
MS Stereo Decoder
MS Stereo Microphone
Noise generator
Paradoxical Sound Syntheizer
Parametric And Sub-Woofer Equaliser
Peak reading audio level meter
Power Amplifier Clipping Indicator
RIAA Equalized Stereo Phono Preamp
Signal Detecting Auto Power-On Unit
Simple amplifier
Simple Surround Sound Decoder
Simplest Ever Amplifier Bridging
Sine wave generator
Sound detector
Sound level meter
Speaker Microphone Circuit
Speaker signals to line level inputs
Speech recorded using ISD2560
Stereo Ducker
Stereo line driver
Stereo Width Controllers
Subwoofer Equaliser
Surround Sound Decoder Mk2
Three channel audio spectrum analyzer
Tone control
Tone detector
Tone generator
Tube amplifier
tw1o-tone siren
Underwater microphone
Use amplifier phono input as line level input
Variable Amplifier Impedance
Very loud beeper (PDF)
Voltage controlled amplifier
Voltage Controlled Mixer w/Modulator
Voltage Controlled Panner
VU And PPM Audio Metering