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1uS light pulse descriminator plus F to V converter (PDF)
1uS light pulse receiver plus post amp (MISC)
741 Light Sensor
Analog opto-isolator
Analog pulse counter
APRS GPS tracker schematic (PIC16C73)
Basement doorbell beeper (PDF)
Basic electronic circuits
Bat detector
BayComm packet modem
Black Light
Bleeper box for time reference
Broadband 2MHz optical fiber receiver (PDF)
Broadband 5MHz optical fiber receiver (PDF)
Chaos generator
Circuit for gold wafer card
Computerize Your Room/Home
Darkness monitor
Digital dial
Dinsmore 1490 digital compass
Discrete Bistable Flip Flop
Discrete Set/Reset Flip Flop
Doorbell for the Deaf
Driving N-channel FETs from TTL
Electromagnetic field detector
Electronic Eavesdropping Devices Detector
Electronic fish lure
ELF Monitor
Experimental data transmitter for fiber optics
Experimental fiber optic receiver
Fantastic Atom Expander
Flash slave trigger
Fluid level detector
Fogger smoke machine
Full-duplex doorphone with 3 wires connection
G Strain energy absorber
Garmin GPS data interconnect
Geiger counter
Geomagnetic field detector
Glitch detector
GPS receiver support kit
Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil
Hardware Random Bit Generator
High Quality Intercom
High voltage stun gun
High-speed light receiver (PDF)
Insect Repellant
Intercom schematic
Ion detector
Keys finder
Laboratory Control System for Cold Atom Experiments
Light detector
Lightning Activated Camera Shutter Trigger
Lightning Detector
LM 1800 FM stereo decoder
Low-power optical interrupter (PDF)
Magnetic Gun
Magnetic levitation device
MAX924 bar-graph level gauge
Metal detector
Mini efficient magnetic coil launcher from disposable camera flash
Miniature magnetic gun (rail gun)
Modulated light received (PDF)
Monitor output from Motorola Oncore GPS engine 
Monostable Flip Flops (one shot)
Morse Code Beacon Keyer
Morse code display
Morse Code Practice Keyer 1
Morse Code Practice Keyer 2
Navigator 555A radio direction finder (RDF) circuit diagram
Negative ion generator
PL tone generator (NE567)
Popular Electronics Ultrasound Detector
Pulse width modulators (PWM)
Pulse width to voltage converter
Random noise generator
Seismic detector interfaces to datalogger
Short-circuit beeper
Simple event counter
Simple nitrogen spark generator (PDF)
Smooth Tone Clickless CW Sidetone Generator
Sound finding cricket
Sound finding cricket with phase detector
Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector
Time to dust indicator (PDF)
u-Blox GPS receiver board
Ultrasonic dog whistle
Ultrasonic generator
Ultrasonic sound receiver
Ultrasonic switch
Vat detector
Very basic circuits
Walking robot